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Maps capture the history of land and the history of people who possessed the land. As a Petroluem Landman, I found that maps told stories of the land, about trades between landowners and explorers, and the narratives of bitter failure or sweet success. I often study a map for months before the story evolves. Sometimes I have a clear vision, but often it's a process of exploration and artistic happenings.
Plaquemines Parish by Kathryn Vermillion Plaquemines Parish
60" x 38" - Mixed Media on Wood
Limited Edition Print Available

The Mississippi River spills into the Gulf of Mexico in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

This is where Jean Lafitte once slipped in and out of the bayous of his Barataria kingdom. When I worked as a Petroleum Landman in Plaquemines Parish, I ferried across the river to the courthouse at Pointe a la Hache.

This artwork is based on a 1980 map of the southern portion of Plaquemines Parish. Reports say that as a result of Hurricane Katrina, the southern part of this parish was reclaimed by the Mississippi River.

Pipelines and Magnolias by Kathryn Vermillion Pipelines and Magnolias
36: x 48 " - Mixed Media on Wood
Limited Edition Print Available
The Attakapas Indians called the river Atchafalaya, meaning "long river." Morgan City, a once sleepy fishing village on the banks of the river, is where the offshore oil and gas industry was born. I remember the feel of warm night air and the smell of sweet magnolias. (Map of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana)
Frency Legacy by Kathryn Vermillion

French Legacy
36" x 56" - Mixed Media on Wood
Limited Edition Print Available

Young women known as "casquette girls" were brought to the Louisiana Territory in the 1700's by the Catholic Church. They came to marry and build a nation. All their possessions were carried in a small basket. (Map of the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana)
Bayou Paradise by Kathryn Vermillion

Bayou Paradise
72" x 72" x 2"
Limited Edition Print Available

The snowy white egret and the magnolia are found near the marshes, swamps, and ponds of Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Each spring, thousands of birds migrate across the Gulf of Mexico and return in the fall. (Map of Iberia Parish, Louisiana)
Louisiana Serenade by Kathryn Vermillion Serenade
40" x 30"
Limited Edition Print Available
Vermillion Bay cuts into the eastern stretch of the Louisiana coast. Here, the fruit is sweet and the flowers fragrant, as children fais do-do under the Cajun moon. (Map of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana)
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